Registered Charity Number: 1149119



Culture Connect currently fundraise all income through our events the Culture Kitchen Food Fest Fundraisers.


We are looking to grow and are actively seeking grant funding to achieve this.  Our Culture Kitchen Project, Culture Kitchen in the Community has seen huge success. We are currently seeking funding to cover the costs of that project.


Can you help us?


£5 will pay for a Culture Connect volunteer to attend a weekly meeting to plan an upcoming event.


£10 will cover our weekly overhead costs to run our sessions


£20 will cover our weekly room rental and volunteer meeting refreshments.


£50 will pay for the promotional materials required to attract a community to a Culture Kitchen in the Community event.


£100 will pay for the food costs for a  Culture Kitchen in the community event, brining people together to share and experience the cultures of our volunteers.


Any support you can give would be hugely appreciated!  Thank you.

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